The Great Tribulation

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The entire world today is in a state of restlessness.  Even the sinner begins to feel that there is something tremendous in the “air”.  Just the same as the animal and the insect world instinctively senses when a storm is imminent, in like manner there is an awareness in man that something great is at the door.  Unfortunately, the reaction of most is an attitude of let us eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. 

As we carefully searched the Scriptures in our Study on the Rapture to see what God’s word teaches concerning it, we are now going to see what the Bible has to say concerning the Great Tribulation.


What the Bible Says.


When we take a concordance, we find the word “tribulation” amongst others in the following verses:

Matt. 24:21, 29; Mark 13:24; John 16:33; Acts 14:22; Romans 8:35; 2 Cor. 1:4; 2 Cor. 7:4; 1 Thess. 3:4; Rev. 1:9; Rev. 2:9-10,22; Rev. 7:14. 

And the word “persecution” in:

Acts 8:1; Acts 11:19; 2 Tim. 3:12.


We can see from these that the tribulation of the children of God is not something, which is reserved especially only for the end shortly before the Second Coming of Christ, but the Christians experienced the same as far back as the days of the Bible.  Actually, you will find the word “the great tribulation” nowhere written in the Bible.

Jesus, for example, spoke these words:

“ - - - - - - In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” - (John 16:33).

The word “world” is translated from the Greek word “Kosmos” which means world system or world order.  This persecution or tribulation of Christians commenced in the days of the New Testament already.  We realize this too little by far, that is why we so easily become offended when the world frowns on us.  It cost some-thing in the days of the New Testament to be a Christian, sometimes even one’s life.  This standard has never been lowered.  There must be a testing to see who are truly the children of God and who are only nominally so. 






In our Study on the “Rapture” (you must read it with this study), we pointed out that the word Antichrist actually means “in the place of”, and that it fits the Pope of Rome even in the minutest detail.  He is truly the False Christ and the Man of Sin.  We showed that he had murdered 50 million Christians during the 1260 years (or 3½ times) when he had absolute religious and political supremacy.


He, therefore, even excelled the cruel Roman Emperors like Nero, Diocletian, Galerius, Maximian, etc.  In whose time 10 million Christians died the cruelest martyr’s death.

To those noble departed, who are even now around the Throne of God and clothed in white, their time was a time of “great tribulation” and the cruel Caesar’s and even more cruel Popes, the Antichrist’s.  Can you blame them? Can Communism be crueler?  Can there be a more gruesome martyr’s death than to be torn to shreds by famished wild beasts while tens of thousands of spectators sit and cheer in the arena; or to have your body covered with pitch and then set alight?

So, for example, not a single Reformer turned up to defend himself at the Lateran Council of the 5th May 1514, where the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and Arch Bishops were assembled together in great pomp and ceremony, because so many had been killed, tortured and murdered. 

It was then announced that:

“The heretics are all dead.  There is no opposition against the church anymore”. They rejoiced because all the Protestants were dead, and celebrated the occasion by giving presents to one another.


On the 31st October 1517, Martin Luther nailed his “These” to the church door of Wittenberg.  When the Pope heard about it, he said: “The heretics live again in the person of Martin Luther”. 

Please read Revelation 11:10. 

When you now read the following Scriptures, you will see that the Antichrist has been in existence already since the days of the New Testament and appeared in different forms, but have always been the same instruments in the hand of Satan (the actual Opposer of Christ) – (1 John 2:18,22; 1 John 4:3; 2 John 7).


There is, therefore, nowhere an actual Scriptural basis for the teaching that there will appear a terrible tyrant, a kind of a Superman, at the end of time, and that we will find in him the Antichrist who will reign during the last 3½ or 7 years, called the Great Tribulation.  We have indicated already that we believe that the Great Tribulation has been the portion of God’s children ever since the days of the New Testament.  We will prove it further during the course of this study.


The last days


This is another Biblical term of great importance for all times which is much misunderstood in our days.  As with many events of great importance, so, in this case, you find a development and then a climax.  We believe that in the last days, just shortly before the visible return of our Lord Jesus, there will be a climax in the Great Tribulation, and likewise also a climax in God’s dealings with this world, which will terminate in the Day of the LORD which will be a day of wrath and judgment upon a Godless Mankind, such as no mortal tongue can ever describe.


Even the very heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be disclosed – (see Revised Version, Panin). 

In our study on the “New Heavens and the New Earth”, we will explain that just as with the flood, the judgment by water, the earth was not destroyed, but only the works on it; in like manner, the judgment by fire will only destroy the works of man that are contrary to the Righteousness of God. 


That will be a dreadful day for all those who find themselves in that day without peace with God through the Blood of Christ that is called the last day.  It is also the day of the First Resurrection and of Judgment.


But, for the sake of the correct understanding of the Scriptures, we want to guard most strongly against tearing the term the last days from its context, by concentrating everything only on the last few moments before the coming of Jesus.  That is not the case at all, and because that is exactly the way most Bible students do take it, they have a wrong understanding of the Great Tribulation, and have just accepted, without question, the false interpretation of the Great Tribulation and The Rapture as it was devised by the Jesuit (Roman) Priest Ribera. 


Please read the following Scriptures in which the term “The Last Days”, and similar thoughts, occur:

Gen. 49:1; Isa. 2:2; Micah 4:1; Act 2:17; 2 Tim. 3:1; Heb. 1:2; 2 Peter 3:3; 1 Peter 1:20; 1 John 2:18; Jude 1:18. 

So, for instance, does Hebrews 1:2, refer to the days in which the Epistle to the Hebrews was written as “these last days”, (and that was nearly 2,000 years ago! )


In Peter’s explanation to the crowd who congregated on the Day of Pentecost, and were amazed and in doubt, we read the following:

Acts 2:16-18;

16        But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;

17        And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

18        And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.


Peter had quoted from Joel 2:28-32 and applied the events prophesied by Joel for the last days to his times.  But we do know that the Lord has been baptizing in the Holy Spirit throughout the past centuries, and is still doing it today and will continue to do so until Jesus comes.  The Last Days, therefore, stretch at least from the days of Peter until the Second Coming of Christ.

See also 1 John 2:18;

Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. 

The last days, last hour or last time is, therefore, the period between the First and the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Origin of the Prophecy on the Great Tribulation


We read about “great tribulation” in Matt. 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. 

These can be considered as parallel chapters and is an account of the answer our Lord Jesus gave to the question of his disciples concerning his Second Coming.  It is to be noted that it does not occur in the gospel according to John at all.  It could be because John wrote after the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 A.D.


In Luke 19:41-44, we read how our Lord Jesus wept over Jerusalem because she did not discern the things which belonged to her peace when God had visited her, and that because of that she is going to be destroyed and not one stone will be left upon another.  Jesus knew the prophecies of the Old Testament, and knew that the Jews would reject him and that they would crucify him and persecutes his disciples, but that they would be severely punished for it in the days to come.


In Matthew 23:29-39, we see once more how the LORD had foretold the destruction of the Jewish Nation, their city and their temple, and that they would not see him, the Christ, again until they shall say: “blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord” - (cp. Luke 1:68).

We see here stated the very important fact that our Lord Jesus Christ will not return until the Jews have accepted Jesus of Nazareth as their Messiah.  The prophecies show very clearly that that will not happen before the LORD God had not judged this earth with great and terrible judgment.  We go into this particular aspect very thoroughly in our studies on:

“The Russian chapters of Ezekiel”, the “Book of Joel”, “The Book of Revelation”, “The Time of the Heathen”, and other studies.

While these words were still ringing fresh in their ears, the disciples of Jesus walked with him out of the temple and turned round and showed him the massive building.  It was as if to ask him, how He could imagine that such a structure could ever be cast down.  The Jewish Historian Josephus, who was an eye witness to the destruction of Jerusalem tells us that, “the temple was built of stones white and strong, and each stone measured 38 feet long, l2 feet thick and 18 feet broad” - (Antiquities of the Jews -book 15, page 11, par. 3).

The temple was also adorned with many treasures, for even its enemies honoured it and often kings and noblemen left costly gifts behind after a visit. Surely such a magnificent building would never be destroyed?  All the LORD did in reply was to repeat his prophecy of a few days previously.  

Read together: Matthew 24:1-3; Mark 13:1-4; Luke 21:5-7.

Please note that the words “the end of the world” (Matt. 24:3) actually mean “the consummation of the age”.

It was in the reply of Jesus to these questions concerning the destruction of Jerusalem, the consummation of the age and his Second Coming that He made the prophecy about the Great Tribulation.


Great Tribulation.


We will find the key to unlock this prophecy, by carefully comparing point by point its recording by all three: Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Then we will be able to see whether “The Great Tribulation” is:

already past,      in progress now,      or is still to come. 

The answer to this question really emerges briefly from our Lord Jesus’ reply to the two questions put to him in Matt. 24:3, namely:

1) “When shall these things be?” - (the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple).

2) And “what shall be the sign of thy Coming, and the consummation of age”. 


We must analyze the reply of our Lord Jesus on the basis of these two questions. Come, let us do it in the sequence in which it occurs in Matthew, Mark and Luke. In this way, we will get the right understanding of the Great Tribulation.


Now read Matthew 24:4-8; Mark 13:5-8; Luke 21:8-11.  These portions contain our Lord’s answer to the second question of his disciples, namely the sign of the consummation of the age and of his Second Coming.  Many would come in his name and pretend to have his power and that the time had arrived for the establishing of God’s kingdom. Many would be deceived and believe these false Christ’s.  The Lord was concerned about this and wanted to make sure that his disciples would not be thus misled, but would have definite signs by which they could know when his Coming was at hand.

There would be wars, and rumours of wars, but that the Christians should not become terrified, because such things had to happen first.  These wars had been prophesied in the Old Testament already and would surely come.

Then Jesus gave a very clear sign of the consummation of the age by describing the “sorrows”, the “pain” of the travail that would herald the new age:

7)“For (that will be the sign of the end) nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines, and pestilence’s, and earth quakes, in divers places. 8) All these are the beginning of sorrows” - (Matt. 24:7, 8).


This very prominent mile post, that would point out the generation in whose life time Christ would come, was the great world war of 1914-18 and the famines, epidemics, earth-quakes and disturbances all over the world that followed in its wake.  It was when this war broke out that peace was taken away from the earth on a global scale for the first time in history.  Peace has never since been restored, neither will it be until Armageddon is past, and Christ has established his kingdom of peace here on earth. 

See Isaiah 2:1-5; Luke 1:30-33; Daniel 2:35,44

There never was any real peace between World Wars Nos. 1 and 2, in the same way as peace and security never really came after World War No. 2.  Plans were made immediately for World War No.3, which will be the “war of fire” or Armageddon.  It will be a nuclear war. 


What is a Nuclear War?


It is a war in which atom and hydrogen bombs are going to be used.  How do these bombs work? The principle is to set the energies free, which bind the elementary building blocks of the atom together, namely the electrons and protons.  That produces such a tremendous and instant heat that it causes an explosion that is many million times stronger than that of the 10,000 ton bombs, which were the biggest used during World War 2 (except the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki).  The fireball alone of the hydrogen bomb explosion has a diameter of four miles and at forty miles away; it has the luminosity of 500 suns! 

These are the


which 2 Peter 3:10, says will melt with fervent heat and the heavens (Greek: Ouranos from which our word Uranium is derived) which will pass away with a great noise (tremendous explosions).  The experimental hydrogen bomb, which was exploded off the Bikini Islands in 1954, caused the sea to boil in the area of the explosion, for hours. 

Our Lord Jesus referred to the same when He said in Luke 21:26; men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers - - - - -

(Greek - Dunamis, from which the English word dynamite is derived)

- - - of heaven - - - - -

(Greek- Ouranos, from which the English word Uranium)

- - - - - shall be shaken”.

I believe that the war, which will culminate in the final battle (Armageddon), commenced in the year 1914 and is, therefore, right now in progress already.  The “elements” can begin to “melt” at any time now and cause the “heavens” (hydrogen bombs) to pass away with “a great noise” to leave behind on the earth multi-millions of dead as described in Jer. 25:30-33; Jer. 30:23-24; Isa. 66:15-16, and many other related portions.  

Jeremiah states:

“in the latter days ye shall consider (understand) it” - (Jer. 30: 24).



of 4 miles diameter and a luminosity of 500 suns at 40 miles away heats up the atmosphere so tremendously and instantly that a column of smoke, ash and dust plumes into the air for 80,000 feet and more. 

Compare Joel 2:30-31; Acts 2:19-20.

This causes such a gigantic vacuum on the surface that winds of hurricane strength rush in from all angles to fill it.  The rotation of the earth swings these winds and gives to them a turning effect, and there you have:

the “whirlwinds” of Isaiah 66:15-16; Jer. 25:30-33; Jer. 30:23-24 and

the “great noise” of 2 Peter 3:10. 


Truly, we are in the latter days in which we can understand these things.  Eyewitness reports from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, confirm that the greatest structural damage was caused by the “vacuum” of the explosion and the “winds”. 

Why did Prime Minister MacMillan of Great Britain a few years ago, use the words - “A wind of change?” When these “winds” begin to blow, things will change and when their fury is spent, we will have:

“- - - - - new heavens, and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness” - (2 Peter 3:13).


Our space and the present subject under discussion do not allow us to pursue this point further.  It will be dealt with thoroughly in our study on atomic war in the Bible.  Allow me, however, to say just this in addition: the heat and all that goes with it, will be so intensive, that it will make even the sea and the rivers dry. 

(Did not God use a wind to strike a path for Israel through the red sea?). 

There are instances on record already where tornadoes have “licked” reservoirs and small ponds dry and carried the water and all it contained high up into the sky.  This explains why it sometimes literally rains frogs.


My fervent prayer only is that the LORD will give grace to you dear reader to be washed in the Blood of the Lamb, for the Exodus of the people of God from the House of Bondage in this Wicked World (Egypt) is at hand.


In these following parallel sections, Matthew 24:9-14; Mark 13:9-13; Luke 21:12-18, the LORD still speaks of the period during his absence. 

It is confirmed by Luke 21:12;

            “But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you - - - - -”

That is, before this Great War at the end of the age (which actually commenced in 1914).

In the corresponding verse in Matt. 24:9, we have the word “then” which joins verses 8 and 9 together, and must not be taken as meaning they will first have the beginning of sorrows as stated in verse 8 and then, after this great war, they will have persecution. 

No, it has the meaning in the sense of “furthermore”, or “in addition”; in other words, having done all these things to you, they will still deliver you up unto affliction, and kill you as well and - “ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake”. 

The corresponding verses in Mark and Luke confirm this.

Matthew 24:14, gives another sign of the end of the age and of the return of Christ by foretelling that the gospel will be preached to all nations before the end will come.  That shows that verses 9-13 of Matthew 24 give general characteristics of the whole period, and verses 4-14 give a warning of what will happen before the consummation of the age.

Jesus warned his disciples that there would come a great falling away from the Primitive Apostolic Faith, and that false teachers and prophets would mislead many,

“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” - (Matt. 24:12).


The true Christians would be hated and persecuted by all nations, and would be delivered up unto death by even their own household.  It happened exactly so in the times of the heathen Caesar’s of Rome and in the days when the Roman Catholic Church had absolute temporal power.  It happens today in countries taken over by Communism.


At the same time though, the true Christians are to be endued with power by the Holy Spirit when they testify to the truth.  That came true in the times of the Caesar’s and Popes, and is still true today under the Stalin’s and Mao Tse Tungs, praise the LORD! Their testimonies in tears and in blood would not be in vain, because they were promised that, if they would faithfully endure unto the end (Matt. 24:13), they would not perish, but receive their glorious reward in the Messianic Kingdom of their Lord and Savious Jesus Christ. 


Such a persecution would also not mean defeat, but in that way, the Gospel would be preached unto all nations and only then would come the consummation of the age.  Today, the Bible; has been translated into more than 1,000 languages already, and the Gospel is being read across the whole earth.


The Sign of the Destruction of Jerusalem.


In the next subdivision of this prophetic discourse, our Lord Jesus answers his disciples’ first question, namely when would Jerusalem be destroyed, and what would be the sign. 

As we saw in Matt. 23:36, Jesus had said that it would come within the lifetime of the generation to whom He was then speaking:

            “Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation”.


And it was exactly so, for, within 40 years from then, all the woes foretold by Jesus, came over the Jews and their city. 

Please read the following portions together:

Matthew 24:15-21; Mark 13:14-19; Luke 21:20-24. 

We see that Matthew and Mark give the very last sign of the destruction of Jerusalem as:

“When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (who so readeth, let him understand:)”

Luke again says:

“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh” - (Luke 21:20).

We can infer from this that the Roman Armies, which encircled Jerusalem just before its destruction, was this “abomination of desolation” spoken of by Daniel the prophet.  This prophecy was literally fulfilled in the year 70 A.D. when the Romans invaded Jerusalem and went and stood within the sanctuary of the temple: there they raised their heathen standards and committed sacrilege within the Holiest of Holies by a mock sacrifice. 

Jesus had warned his disciples that, when they saw the Roman soldiers with their heathen standards of the eagle and serpent within the sacred precincts of Jerusalem, then they were to recognize the sign of its imminent destruction, and flee immediately before the encirclement was fully completed. 

They did do, and fled to a place called Pella.  When the Roman soldiers under Prince Titus eventually closed in, all the Christians were safely out.  Josephus tells us that one and a half million Jews perished in the streets of Jerusalem and in its surroundings. The streets literally flowed with blood; but not one Christian perished.


Their flight was so sudden, for the critical time was so short, that those who were on their house tops at that particular time did not even have the time to come down and gather up their belongings, exactly as Jesus had foretold forty years before.  Those who were working in the fields did not turn back to gather up their clothes, but fled, because they remembered that that was the predicted wrath that was to come upon the Jews for their iniquities and for the crucifixion of Jesus, the Christ - (Matt. 24:16-18).


The need for immediate flight was so urgent that Jesus had warned them to pray that it should not be on the Sabbath, because then they would be prevented by the Jews to go further than a Sabbath’s journey (Approx. 1 mile).  Also, that their flight should not be in the winter, for, then, their passage through the mountains would be difficult.

It, also, would be very hard on expectant mothers, and those who give suck, because there would be famine in the land of Judea and great tribulation at that time, such as had never been since the beginning of the world - (Matt. 24: 21) to that time, no, nor ever shall be.  The Roman Soldiers were cruel and hard.  This can be well understood, judging by the slaughter that took place in Jerusalem and its immediate surroundings in the year 70 A.D.


Many Christians believe that this great tribulation is still future.  But, when we carefully study the setting of this prophecy of the Lord Jesus, we shall see, without a doubt, that it refers to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.


The above mentioned details given by our LORD in his warnings to his disciples are all confined to Judea and the surrounding hills.  The flat rooftops are all eastern in character.  The matter of flight on a Sabbath day is purely Jewish and applicable to Palestine only at that time where the law of a Sabbath’s journey (approx. 1 mile) was then still applicable.  Those who, therefore, maintain that the great tribulation has not yet come, contradict the plain statements of Christ. 


There are, however, a few difficulties attached to the application of the Great Tribulation to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 A.D. only.  These difficulties led to the view that the tribulation is still future!  When we examine our LORD’S description of the Great Tribulation, we find that it was to be a time of trouble,

1) “Such as was not”

2) “Nor ever shall be”.


The siege and destruction of Jerusalem met the first condition, as is confirmed by the description of it, given by Josephus.  But, since then, the world has seen other similar tribulations, such as the 10 million martyrs’ under the Caesar’s and the 50 million under the Popes of Rome. 

During the 1914 - 1918 war approximately – 13 million people lost their lives, and probably twice as many during the 1939 - 1945 war.  According to the prophet Jeremiah and others, quoted earlier in this article, it will be infinitely worse in the third world war. 


The difficulty is, therefore, to reconcile all these facts with our LORD’S indisputable application of his prophecy to the destruction of Jerusalem.

We see also in Matt. 24:29, that our Lord Jesus said that he would:


Immediately After the Tribulation

of those days.  We know that He did not return shortly after 70 A.D. and that nearly 1900 years have passed since then, and He has not returned yet.  We, therefore, here face a second big problem.

Some even speak of “two great tribulations”, one in 70 A.D. and one at the consummation of the age.  But there cannot be two “tribulations” which both have never been before and also will never be again in the future.


The solution.

Let us read carefully Matt. 24:21-22; Mark 13:19-20; and Luke 21:23-24. 

We see very clearly in Matt. 24:22 that the duration of the great tribulation had been determined by God himself for the sake of the elect. 

Let us first identify the elect.

Remember not to use your ideas to determine who the elect are, but to see whom the Bible says they are.  The prophet Isaiah says in:

Isaiah 45:4:

For Jacob my servant’s sake and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: - - - - -”.

In 1 Peter 1:2, the apostle shows that the elect of God are the house of Israel who had become heathen, in contradistinction to the house of Judah. 

To Timothy Paul writes:

“Therefore I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory” –

(2 Tim. 2:10).

Here the elect cannot be taken as the church or the saved, for they are yet to obtain the salvation, which is in Christ Jesus. 

Many people think that only the Jews are God’s chosen people.  But the Jews are only a small section of the descendants of Jacob.  The hypocritical religious Jews were even called, by our Lord Jesus, a “generation of vipers”. Neither was the “tribulation” of 70 A.D. shortened for the sake of the Jews.  The city was destroyed and one and a half million perished, others were scattered, and the rest sold into slavery, - (see Luke 21:24).


We will show in further studies that the literal descendants of the other so-called Lost Ten Tribes of Israel (Jacob), God’s chosen or elect are found in the White Christian Nations of the West.  That is the reason why Satan is out to destroy Western Civilization through the Russo-Chinese and Black Afro-Asian Atheistic Combination.  In this war, on our doorstep, all civilization will be destroyed, but, for the elect’s (Israel) sake, the days will be shortened - (Matt. 24:22).

Jesus said: “for wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together” - (Matt. 24:28) see also Luke 17:37, Ezekiel 39:4.  He gave it to his disciples as a sign to be informed against the false Christ’s and false prophets - (see Matt. 24:23-26).


His Second Coming would very definitely be preceded by the sign of the lightning flash that shineth from the east even unto the west - (Matt. 24:27) - the atomic explosions that will cause the “carcass” to lie around and attract the birds of prey. It will be dreadful in that day:

See Jeremiah 25:30-33; Jer. 30:23-24; Isaiah 66:15-16; 2 Peter 3:10-13.


But the disciples will be here on earth in that time, otherwise it would not be possible for them to be misled if they were away in heaven, even the “very elect” will be here - (Matt. 24:24).  Then, immediately after the “tribulation” of those days will the Son of man come in power and great glory and only then, are the angels sent out with a great sound of a trumpet to gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other - (Matt. 24:29-31). 


We have seen that the Lord Jesus, very definitely, applied the prophecy of the Great Tribulation to the destruction of Jerusalem, but that it did not end there.  The war between the Romans and the Jews was also confined to Palestine only; therefore, it was impossible for all flesh to have been destroyed then, even if no single person survived that war.  We see, therefore that, although the Lord Jesus applied the prophecy of the Great Tribulation to Jerusalem at that time, it did not end there.  Since then many millions of Christians, right through the succeeding centuries, have been going through great tribulation. 


Even today, millions of persons are still dying a martyr's death under the Red Communistic persecution.  John Noble, an American, who had spent nine and a half years in soviet concentration camps, described the horrible conditions in those camps when he spoke to American audiences a few years ago.  I have a tape recording of one of those talks in my possession.  There are millions of slaves in those camps.  The soviet economy is based on slave labour.  Can there be a greater tribulation than that?


No Flesh Saved.

It has now become possible, for the first time in the history of the human race, for man to destroy himself, when he manufactured the atomic and hydrogen bombs.  In other words, taking all aspects into account, the tribulation was to last from the destruction of Jerusalem right up until the return of Christ. 


We can see, therefore, that there is no Biblical sanction for the teaching of a tribulation of only 3½ or seven years right at the end.  We saw, in our study on the Rapture, that this theory was devised by the Jesuit Priest Ribera, to mislead the Reformers when they recognized the Pope as the Man of Sin of - 2 Thessalonians 2, during the time of the intensive persecution of the Protestants by the Roman Catholic Church.


Second Siege of Jerusalem.

A careful analysis of Zechariah chapters 12 to 14, will bring to light that right at the end, just before the return of Christ, there will be a second attempt by the heathen nations to get control of Jerusalem and to wipe out Christendom. 

(See my study on the book of Joel).  It is in these chapters where we find such a remarkable description of the effects of atomic radiation on the human body.  Read Zechariah 14:12-15. 


Compare it then with the following descriptions of the conditions of the victims in Hiroshima as given by Peter Buchett, special correspondent of the daily express:

“In Hiroshima, thirty days after the first atomic bomb destroyed the city.  People are still dying, mysteriously and horribly - people who were uninjured in the cataclysm from an unknown something, which I can only describe as the atomic plague.  In these hospitals I found people, who, when the bomb fell, suffered absolutely no injuries, but are now dying from the uncanny after effects.  For no apparent reason their health began to fail.  They lost appetite; their hair fell out; bluish spots appeared on their bodies.  And then bleeding began from the ears, nose and mouth.  At first, the doctors told me that they thought that these were the symptoms of general debility.  They gave their patients vitamin ‘A’ injections. The results were horrible.  The flesh started rotting away from the hole caused by the injection of the needle.  And in every case the patient died”.


Photographs published later showed that exposure to the atom-rays had started similar effects without any injection to begin the process.

The following is taken from an official document published by the British Government:

“Those severely irradiated (with gamma rays from the bomb) rarely died in less than one week - - - - it was apparent that the gamma rays had virtually killed the entire bone marrow - - - - so that the patient inevitably fell prey to some infection, usually spreading from the mouth, and accompanied by gangrene (rotting away) of the lips, the tongue, and sometimes the throat” (para. 74, Radio-active Effects).


In the light of Zechariah’s statement that: “their tongue shall consume away in their mouth”, who can deny that the Bible is far more up-to-the-minute than most give it credit for.  But the prophet also said: “their eyes shall consume away in their holes” - (Zech. 14:12).


J. Hersey records an eyewitness account shortly after the bombing of Hiroshima:

“There were about twenty men, and they were all in exactly the same nightmarish state: their faces were wholly burned, their eye sockets were hollow, the fluid from their melted eyes had run down their cheeks - - - - and their mouths were mere swollen, pus-covered wounds” - (Hiroshima).


It is to conditions such as these that the Lord will have to put a stop, other wise no flesh will be saved, that he will do by his Second Coming - (see our separate study on this). 

Then He will destroy these heathen powers and rescue Christendom.

See 2 Thess. 1:5-10; Revelation 19:11-21; Zech. 14:1-3.

Dreadful will it be in that day for all those who do not:

“dwell in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty - (Ps. 91:1). 

Please read the whole of Psalm 91, because it applies to our conditions today.


That will be the climax of the Great Tribulation which was to last from 70 A.D. until His Return in power and great glory to take the Government upon His Shoulders and lead this old earth and all who dwell upon it to the still waters - (Ps. 23).

Psalms 22, 23 and 24 form a glorious trinity and point prophetically to the threefold ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ as:

the Good Shepherd - (Ps. 23),

who laid down his life for the sheep - (Ps. 22),

and received as his reward the Crown - (Ps. 24).


Psalm 22: The Cross;    Psalm 23: The Crook;    Psalm 24: The Crown.


This is the message of all the


as you will be able to see if you have the key.  God has a plan and a purpose with his people Israel, as we find them among the White Christian Nations of the West.  That is why the heathen rages and the people imagine a vain thing - (see Psalms 2 and 83).

It is to destroy God’s people, under the leadership of Satan (the Antichrist), and thus make it impossible for the Lord Jesus to set up his kingdom here on earth. Please see my article: “The Time of the Heathen”.  This will take the Great Tribulation to its grand climax: the clash between the nations of God and the nations of Satan.  The “elements” will burn with fervent heat and the “heavens” (ouranos -uranium) shall pass away with a great noise (whirlwind).  At the same time the hosts of the Lord and Satan and his demons will also “descend” and join the battle here below. 

See my studies: “The Day of the LORD” and “The Book of Joel. 

It will be a fearful day.

Truly, when it is all over, there will be new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness – (2 Peter 3:13). 

See my study: “The New Heavens and the New Earth”. 


It is

In These Days

when we see all these things begin to come to pass that all God’s children should lift up their heads, for their redemption draweth nigh - (Luke 21:28).

Now read:

Matthew 24:32-36: Mark 13:28-32; Luke 21:29-33.

In these portions, our Lord Jesus gives a summary of the signs of his Second Coming, by using the parable of the budding of the fig tree and all the trees.  In the same way that their budding is a sign that summer is nigh at hand, so, in like manner, must we know that the Kingdom of God is near when we see all these things come to pass. 

That is, when we see the awakening of the Jewish Nation and all the nations (trees).  The return of the Jews to Palestine started in 1918, and after the Second World War, the Afro-Asiatic Nations began to gain their independence one after another.  Today they dominate the United Nations Organization.  Jesus said that the generation that would be living at the time these things came to pass would not pass away, till all these things are fulfilled.




To summarize, we can say that our Lord Jesus answered the two questions put to him by his disciples, namely:


(a) what would be the signs of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, and

(b) what would be the signs of His Coming. 


He led their thoughts in his reply, from the one event to the other, and called the whole period between the two the “Great Tribulation”.

The result of our study, namely that the Great Tribulation fills the whole period between the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 A.D. and this generation that would live to see the budding of the nations, which began with the First World War (1914-1918), solves for us all the apparent contradictions. 


Our Lord Jesus was quite correct in applying the prophecy concerning the Great Tribulation to the destruction of Jerusalem, because the tribulation of both Jew and Christian did begin then.

The first Roman Persecution of the Christians began in the year 68 A.D. under the cruel Roman Emperor Nero.  The Roman - Jewish War was, however, not the beginning and ending of the tribulation, but only the beginning of that long period of trial that would eventually result in the intervention of Almighty God from heaven, to save man from total annihilation, by the


Second Coming of Christ.


34        And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

35        For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

36           Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” - (Luke 21:34-36).





Post Script:

In case you may be interested, we give you a short description of how the Roman Catholic Church committed fraud during the Dark Middle Ages. 

We quote from:

“The Great Tribulation: by A. J. Ferris, B. A. p. 60, 61. 


“(B) In the Great Tribulation, false Christ’s would teach a kind of Christian Religion which would almost deceive the very elect by its signs and wonders.  In fulfillment, the Middle Ages were ruled by the many Popes who falsely claimed every attribute of Christ, and in the Roman Catholic Church counterfeited the ordinances and doctrines of the Bible, and, by faked miracles and “Holy Relics”, almost deceived the Spirit-filled Christians. 

When the Pope is invested with the Papal Triple Crown in his coronation, the accompanying words reveal him as a false Christ — “Receive this tiara, embellished with three crowns, and never forget, when you have it on, that you are the father of princes and kings, and the Supreme Judge of the Universe; and on earth, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, our Saviour”. 

As another example of the Pope being a sham Christ, take the following Decree of the Vatican Council of 1869; “The Holy Apostolic See and Roman Pontiff hold the primacy over the whole world, and the Roman Pontiff himself is the successor of blessed Peter, prince of the apostles, and the true Vicar of Christ and Head of the whole Church, and the Father and Teacher of all Christians, and that full power was given to him in blessed Peter, by the Lord Jesus Christ, of feeding, ruling and governing the Church Universal”.

Bishop Jewel, one of the greatest lights that the Reformed Church of England produced, describes in his “Exposition on Thessalonians” - (1483), some of the “signs and wonders” performed by the Papal false Christ’s: “Of false miracles we have seen an infinite number ------ appearances of spirits and visions of angels; our Lady swimming down from heaven; poor souls crying out of purgatory for masses of Requiem. 

But these miracles were no miracles at all.  They were devised by subtle varlets to get money.  Oftentimes, the Spirits hath been taken, and laid in the stocks; the angel hath been stripped; the good lady hath been caught; the engines and sleights, and the cause and manner of the working, hath been confessed.  In those days idols go on foot, images could come down and light their own candles; they could turn their eyes, they could move their hands. These miracles were conveyances and subtleties, and, indeed, no miracles.  The trunks by which they did speak, the strings and wires with which they moved their faces and hands, all the rest of their treachery hath been disclosed”.

On page 61, there is reproduced a photograph of the Iron Virgin of Nuremberg, (from “The Seven-Hilled City” by Grattan Guinness). 

In his “History of Protestantism”, Dr. J. A. Wylie describes how chains and pulleys opened and shut this image by which Protestants were slowly cut into pieces in the loving embrace of Mary.  The mangled remains were dropped through the trap-door into the stream below”. 


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