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13a Pentecost and prayer

17a The time of the heathen

17b The time of the heathen

60a Get your priorities right

65 Fear not!

69a Glad Tidings of great joy

70b He shall save His people from their sins

80a Crimson Cord

100a Transfigured

147a He must go unto Jerusalem

172 What is truth

199a The white man

199b The white man in SA, has he a future?

200a The day of

200b The day of the Lord, time heathen

206b The baptism of John and Jesus Christ

228a What meaneth this?

228b What meaneth this

229a Faith that sees the invisible

253 World vision

254a The 10 virgins

254b The 10 virgins

267a The restoration of the Kingdom

267b The Restoration of the Kingdom

277 God will avenge Speedily

298 The Opened word

299 An Incorruptable Crown

308 On the borders of the new world

309 The high calling of God

310 God's purposes for the last days

312 First Things First

329 New Wine in new bottles

330 Israel in the New Testament

339 The Marriage of the Lamb

345 Giants

362 Taught of God

371 Restoration

371b The Drag net

376 Even so send I you

379 Israel Message

384 That Blessed Hope

395 Ever Increasing Light

416 The faith which was delivered

425 Then cometh the end

435 Righteousness

441 Is worldwide economic collapse new

458 The Promise for the last days

467 Triumph over despair

473 The Uniqueness of Christ

479 Son of Abraham

487 Jesus of Nazareth: Who is He?

510 The Ministry Gifts of Christ

511 English Service Supporting

528 The Moment of Truth

533 The Good Shepherd

549 Boundaries

557 House Built Upon Sand

564 South Africa After the Referendum

570a King of kings and Lord of lords

570b King of kings and Lord of lords

608 The hope of the promise unto the fathers

627 Justification

637 False Prophets

637 Survival

650 The declaration of Pretoria

655 The next 4 years

667 The last few counts

673 Beware of the false prophets

676 Apartheid: What saith the Scripture?

679 This Faith

683 So shall my word be

693 Restoration of the Kingdom

705 The Promise of the Holy Spirit

711 God Keeps His promises

728 The wonderful works of God

733 The state of emergency

760 Fear not

768 Sudden Destruction

779 Our Father

790 Perfect Administration

801 The purpose of pentecoast

803 SA situation: Interview with DVDM of Canada

809 10 Years after Soweto

814 Winds of change

818a Is apartheid unscriptural?

818b Unless I had believed

825a The commonwealth

825b Be ye also ready

837a What manner of man is this

837b God of the whole earth

841a The reason why

841b The Answer

848 This is the heir

853 Short Time: Midnight service

860 Kingdom of God in your midst

866 The Holy seed 

875 No stranger over thee

891 The Little Flock

Daily Quotes

Joh 1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.


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