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Read Isaiah 2:6- ; 3:16-

We must not become immune to the warnings of God’s Word, and that His coming might find us unprepared. Therefore we have to get our priorities in order- we have read two of the most urgent warnings in God’s Word…


The first portion aimed firstly at the men, and the second portion is more applicable to the woman, although both are a warning to all.

May we examine ourselves and get our lives in order, and realise that our earthly possessions are of no eternal value. What shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul?


We have come to a time where a man can be of the ‘high society’ and yet be the biggest crook, for people are judged according to their wealth, rather than their character- how sad!

The woman are concerned about clothes and fashion and beauty more than inward beauty and godliness.


The Lord Jesus promised to send His Holy Spirit to live in us, to guide and lead us and empower us, but we need to empty ourselves of worldliness and be willing to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. God’s priorities were so high that He gave His only Son to die upon a cross for us- what are our priorities?


What testimony do we have for the world out there?

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