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The Ministry gifts of Christ

Sermon B510

Ephesians 4:1-11

Verse 11 mentions each of these offices and 1 Cor. 12:28 speak of the same. If we go into Church History we shall see that these 5 ministries were in full operation and the result is that the Church remained pure and alive and powerful.

A small band of people without any influence or learning, people who were poor, despised, rejected and persecuted. Yet they turned the entire Roman Empire upside down, by the power of the mighty Spirit of God. Of course, each of them was set in their proper position, and in their proper ministry.

This was the intension of Christ, that after He left and went back to heaven, with a fixed purpose. It was pre-ordained and planned in the purpose of Almighty God that these ministries should be the full and effectual representatives of a risen Christ who was then in heaven but was manifesting Himself through and in them.

Therefore Jesus said: ‘It is expedient for Me to go away, for if I do not go away, I cannot send you the Comforter. For if I go away I will send Him to you, so that for those who believe in Me, the works that I do, ye shall do also and greater works than these will you do, for I go unto My Father’.


It was never God’s intention that there should be a weakening after Christ’s return to heaven, or that His voice should become silent or that the light of the Glorious Gospel should grow dim. So we find that within those first 100 years the glorious manifestation of a risen Christ was set forth…..  

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