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Satan’s counterfeit 


Teaching from Pastor F.W.C Neser L100b

Scripture reading: Acts 19:13 - 20


When God chose Moses and Aaron to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, He gave them signs to perform before Pharao. He then called for his magicians also to do the same signs. Therefore, we cannot say that these things do not exist.

Jesus warned His disciples against these things…. 

However, today there are people who practise witchcraft and get ‘annointed’ by evil spirits in their gatherings, as the counterfeit to the anointing by the Holy Spirit in Christianity. 

In Leviticus 19:26 God forbade Israel to eat anything with the blood, the use of enchantments, or divination. The word enchantment is derived from the word ‘Nocash’, one of the names of Satan (that hisses, that whispers, that casts a magic spell). Yet many people are practising these things today….

In the days of the Bible it was already practiced (read Acts 19:19). They used enchantments, prognostication – to foretell by indication, omens, signs, observing of times, astrologies, star-gazing, all strictly forbidden in God’s Word.

Jesus gave His disciples power and authority over all devils….Luke 9:1, 10:19.

Christ was often confronted by demons as they recognised Him for who He was and they cringed before Him and begged Him not to torment them before their time.

These things are real, but we need to get filled with the Holy Spirit afresh so that the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ may begin to shine again and that all hell will be threatened by our presence as in the days of the apostles. 


People are ignorant about the workings of Satan – there are so many subtle ways in which he tries to get a hold on people: The wearing of lucky charms, St Christophers to ‘protect’ them, a horse shoe at the front door for ‘fortune’ etc. All dangerous practices, for they bring you under the influence of evil spirits. The idea is that you trust in a ‘thing’ instead of trusting in God; and so people’s lives are being ruined by ignorance …. 

Daily Quotes

Joh 1:5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.


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